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Garden Gourmet Lentil Burger with a fresh salad

  • 2

  • 15 - 25 Min

  • 240 kcal

Bevat: Lactose

1) Peel the cucumber and cut it in half lengthwise. With a teaspoon, scrape the seeds out and then use a parer to peel the cucumber into thin ribbons. Put the cucumber ribbon in a colander with some salt and leave for a bit.

2) Cut the green parts of the spring onions and cut them lengthwise into very thin strips. Cut the white parts of the onion into little rings. In a salad bowl, make the dressing with oil and vinegar and add salt and (freshly ground) pepper to taste.

3) Stir the cucumber ribbon, spring onion strips and rings and dill into the dressing.

4) Make the Lentil burgers following the instructions on the pack.

5) Distribute the salad over 2 plates and sprinkle the cheese on top. Then finally, grind some pepper over it. Serve the Lentil burgers on the side.